Toxic Summer Body Image & How To Shake It Off

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Having Summer Body as a goal creates this image of slim yet toned body you can show off in your bikini just for those few Summer months. We get so focused to achieve that Summer body couple of  months before the actual Summer and get highly disappointed when we don’t achieve it. Of course we do, who wouldn't? We are striving for something that lasts for just a season. Our body isn’t a trend we should follow because of the society standards. Our body is our home and you don’t just clean your home for a season and then just let it be messy for the rest of the year. 

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a Summer Body, the wrong thing is when we get burned after we don’t achieve what we think the Summer Body should look like. What about a Spring, Autumn and Winter Body. The whole Summer Body promotion that can be seen absolutely everywhere is, in my opinion, toxic. Eating healthy and working out just for a season makes it look like we can mistreat our body during other times of the year, which is what some people actually do. We shouldn’t strive to have a Summer Body we should strive to have Lifelong Body, body that is healthy and happy. 

The saddest part is that a lot of young women feel self conscious because when they go on a beach or when they start to wear something summer appropriate they don’t feel good about themselves. How would they when what they see on social media as the Summer Body goal and then when they look in the mirror they don’t see the same. It’s even worse when you’ve been trying to follow “30 days summer body challenge” and you’ve been eating healthy. We look at social media and set it as a reality. We don’t look around us and see beautiful women and men in all shapes and sizes. 

So what to do to shake of that Summer body image? 

CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE. Realize that your body is your own responsibility. If you are not happy of how it looks then it’s on you to either complain and do nothing or make some changes. Flipping through magazine or scrolling through instagram and feeling bitter and jealous will definitely not help you or anybody else. Change the way society made you perceive body image. It’s not easy but it’s so important to take step towards that for your own sake. 

BUILD CONFIDENCE. It all lays in the self doubt and that tiny annoying voice that is telling us that we are not good, pretty or smart enough. I’ve seen some women that would stereotypically be called “fat” that just radiate with confidence and beauty. I’ve also seen a lot of women that would be perceived as “perfect” that just don’t feel comfortable and confident. Look at your body as a family member. Of course you will fight sometimes and feel displeased but at the end of the they there should still be love and respect.

TALK ABOUT IT. You may think that your girlfriends are a powerful and gorgeous ladies who have it all which may be in some aspects true. The thing is that we all deal with self pity and body hate. I don’t think that I ever met a woman that wouldn’t pick something about her body apart. It’s a disease that’s been imprinted in woman mind for generations. Sit with your girlfriends and share your experience, give each other advice and help realize that you are all uniquely beautiful.

There is not the same person in this world and there is no the same body as well. Wanting to look like a Victoria secrets angels is not completely wrong if you don’t make it so. Comparing yourself to someone that has the completely different body shape, metabolism, lifestyle and genes is just so toxic. We should promote a health and confidence. Each body is Summer Body and just don’t let someone try to apply some unhealthy body image on you. If you are healthy and happy that’s what matters. Don’t feel pressured to fit in someone else’s boxes.

What are your thoughts on Summer Body? 
Do you strive to have that Summer Body? 

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