These 3 BIOMED Products Are My Skin’s Secret Weapon

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Natural and organic skincare is something I've been incorporating in my daily life for at least a year now. I’ve always been very skeptical towards products that contain a lot of chemicals inside them as that’s something I don’t want my skin to absorb. Sometimes we tend to treat our skin as a testing ground and choose products without thinking about the impact they can have on our skin but also our overall health. When Biomed reached out to me I first researched a little bit about the brand and after learning what they stand up for I knew I wanted to try out some of their products. 

*Disclaimer: products in this post were kindly gifted by Biomed but opinions are my own.

I have combination skin, half of it is oily and half of it is dry, whit that it is also quite sensitive. I’ve been testing these products for about two weeks now and now. I wanted to make sure that I give them enough time to show the result as that is something that organic products require. I haven’t used any other products expect these ones so that I can really see the result. It’s really important to first try it on smaller parts of our face because even if the product is natural that doesn’t mean that you can’t get an allergic reaction. I haven’t had any allergic reaction so I continued using them every day on my whole face area.


Biomed is a skin care brand based in Germany. Their products are natural, vegan, dermatological tested and appropriate for sensitive skin. Something that makes Biomed stand up from other brands is the fact that their products are made from pharmacy-quality natural ingredients. That’s why you can find their products in most German pharmacies. They have three ranges; Forget Your Age: Anti-aging range, First Aid: Dedicated to sensitive skin and Aqua Detox: Detox & hydratation range. They strive to raise awareness about chemical that a lot of skin care products contain and the way we can make better choices choosing natural and organic products. Check more about them in their website

AQUA DETOX SERUM is the first from three products that I used. This was my first time using a serum. I saw a lot of beauty bloggers raving about the importance of the serum and how beneficial it is for the skin but I didn’t want to have too big expectations. I started applying it every morning after I washed my face and every evening after I took my makeup off. It comes in a plastic tube that contains 30ml of the serum. The packaging is very clean and minimalistic which I really like. I love that it has a little pump which makes it so much easier to use the right amount of the product. I first applied it to the back of my hand and then evenly spread it on my face. It is completely clear and very silky on the touch. 

It has a gentle natural fragrance that goes away once you applied it. I’m usually not a fan of fragranced skin care products but this one is so gentle that it doesn’t irritate me. One of my pet peeves is when you can feel the stickiness of a product ones you applied it. That wasn’t the case with this serum. My skin absorbed it so quickly and immediately made it much more hydrated. Just before I started using it my skin started to act up and I got some pimples that left scars and redness. After I started using it I noticed that the scars started to fade away and my redness wasn’t as noticeable. 

AQUA DETOX 24H is detoxifying and moisturizing face cream I’ve been using after the serum. It also comes in a tube that contains 50ml of the products. I really like the size of it as it perfectly fits into my makeup bag and I can take it with me whenever I’m travelling. Every morning I would squeeze a little bit on the back of my hand and gently apply it on my face. I was so impressed with how quickly it absorbed into my skin. It has the perfect consistency as it’s not too thick or liquidy. I find that as a moisturizing cream it works really well underneath the makeup. Makeup sits perfectly and doesn’t feel heavy or like it’s clogging my pores. 

After applying it in the evening I noticed that I would wake up to a soft and radiant skin. Reading the ingredient list made it so much clearer why that was the case. It contains shea butter, argan oil, avocado oil, aloe vera, cotton seed oil and rosehip oil. Basically everything your skin needs to feel healthy and happy. My skin would feel dry throughout the whole day on days I would apply and on days I wouldn’t apply any makeup on. 

Last but not least is a INGROW GONE. This may be the product I’ve been the most excited to try. The reason behind this is the fact that I’ve had a problem with ingrown hair since I hit puberty. I have thick black hair and so are the hairs on my whole body. Whenever I would shave I would have razor bumps and my skin got so irritated. Two years ago I decided to replace razors with epilator. Although I saw a big change I would still get ingrown hair which is not pleasant, especially in the Summer. Since I got this product I started applying it on my legs. I would put the lotion to the cotton pad and gently rub my legs with it. 

This product is made from alcohol denat, aqua, salicylic acid, glycerin, sodium lactate, sodium pca, sodium glycolate, sodium citrate, sodium malate, lactic, glycolic, malic and citric acid. As it contains alcohol I could feel the slight burning sensation. That’s when I knew that it’s working as I know that it’s disinfecting my skin. Although I still noticed some ingrown hair it definitely wasn’t as bad as it was before. I was happy to see that redness and bumps would quickly disappear as well. 

I really tried to nitpick something that I didn’t like about these three products but I just couldn’t find anything. As I’m all for natural and organic skin care products Biomed was just up my street. If you are on a look for a organic skin care that will leave you skin silky, soft and bright then I really recommend you to try out Biomed. Go on their page and pick products based on your skin type and your skin goal. They have so many amazing products you can choose from. 

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