4 Red Flags to Look For In Your Everyday Life

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

When you don’t pay attention negative behavior can sneak into your everyday life. Although  at first it might not feel like anything drastic, as time goes by it can easily get out of control and ruin your life without you even noticing. Just take a few minutes and see if you can notice any of the things mentioned below. If you can see more than two of them then it’s time to make a change. Don’t worry, we can do it together. 

Have you ever caught yourself complaining about the things our situations that you in reality know you shouldn’t be? Somehow we ended up being a culture of constant complaining. It even looks like we turned it out into a game “who can complain more”. It became so normal that you can even hear little kids doing it too. Maybe we do it because it makes us feel better when we talk about those kinds of things. There is nothing wrong in saying what is bothering us but it shouldn’t just stay on that, we should try and find a solution. Complaining is just saying without doing anything. It just doesn’t lead to any change. 

Realizing what is bothering us and then trying to solve it is what makes a change in our lives. Complaining about irrelevant things makes us seem ungrateful. We use all our energy to focus on that one slightly negative thing and not on so many amazing ones. The most destructing thing about complaining is that it can easily become a habit. It starts to sneak in every aspect of your life. Playing a victim card might also be one of the reasons why we tend to do it so much and so often. This is unhealthy side of complaining that everyone should see as a big red flag and try to cut it from their lives. 

This is something that I’m sure most of women went through or are going through right now, maybe without even realizing. Social media has the power to make us feel empowered but also doubtful. We are influenced by it on a daily bases and the line between real and virtual world can get easily blurry. If our self esteem isn’t very high then it’s even easier for us to start to compare and feel jealous of influencers and models that seem to have equally gorgeous bodies as life in general. If you through all this found yourself then that mean that you got caught into a trap of perfectly painted picture of social media. 

The good thing is that you can still get out of it. First thing is that you need to notice the exact moment that you start to compare yourself and your life. Then start to think rationally. All of those women you feel jealous off are just humans that have bad and good days just like you. What you see online are just their highlights. I’m sure that if you look through your Instagram feed you we’ll see that you do the same thing you only post beautiful moments of your life. When it comes to body hate you need to know that if you don’t feel pleased with how you look then feeling jealous won’t get you far. Start working on yourself to build your confidence. 

Opening up to others and letting them in can, for some people, be very scary, even more for those who had a bad experience in the past. As a defense mechanism we tend to push people away just to ensure that nobody can hurt as again. With that we are pushing away relationships that can bring us joy and make us realize that some people are worth our trust and love. We as humans are social beings and we time to time just need a company. As hard as it is to trust someone we shouldn’t intentionally push away those who really care about us or who are trying to get to know us better. 

It is not good for us or for others. That kind of behavior can lead to loneliness and even depression. One of the ways you can let people in is by taking little steps. Try to take your time with meeting new people and be open-minded. This doesn’t mean that you need to immediately be friends but in contrast it means that you take your time to really build a connection. Trust your emotions and your instinct. The foundation is key to any relationship and the best kinds of foundations are built on trust and understanding. 

Who doesn’t like to just follow a well known routine and avoid any kind of sudden changes? Well as amazing as comfort is there is something even better waiting outside of it, just a step away. So if you are a permanent comfort zone resident just hear me out. Challenging ourselves and making effort to try out new things is how we grow. Blindly following the same old routine for a long time can lead to serious boredom and life dissatisfaction. Leaving your comfort zone once in a while will show you how many amazing things you are missing out. 

To spice up your life why wouldn’t you just try to find one thing each week that makes you feel just a little bit positive nervous? If it will make you feel better grab a friend that also needs a little bit of excitement in their life and do it together. It doesn’t need to be anything drastic or big just once in a while add something new and fresh into your everyday routine. You’ll very soon realize the amount of incredible memories and experience you collected for a lifetime. This is a great way to reassure any regrets in the future. 

Have you noticed any of these red flags in your life? 
Are you willing to make a change? 

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