Easy Ways To Protect Your Hair In Summer Months

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Hair is one of the most beautiful accessories a woman owns. In summer days we tend to focus our attention to skincare but not so much to hair care. Hair definitely deserves to be treated right as it is very sensitive to high temperature that summer brings. Salt water and chlorine leave a mark on hair that we would rather skip. 

Without right and regular hair care styling our hair can became a real trouble. Texture, length, volume and color are all the things that are different from person to person. Something that should be the same is the fact that each and every hair deserves quality care. Here are few advice's on how to take care for your hair in these hot days without too much effort. 

How often do you change products hair product and do you make sure what is their purpose? While some of them can be efficient during colder months that doesn’t need to be the case in the summer months. Since we wash our hair more because of the sweat and salt, not every shampoo is the right option. Choose the shampoo that will give your hair shine and softens it lost because of the heat and everyday washing. 

It would be even better if you would end up washing with conditioner that will help with combing and moisturizing the tips of the hair. To nourish your hair even more, try to take few minutes at least once a week to apply hair mask. It will give more life to your hair and return it’s color and elasticity that was gone because of the outside factors. 

Sun rays first of all heat your hair which can for some lead to oily scalp because of the heat that is produced. They can also lead to fading, chapped strands and even burns. The best way to protect your hair from all of these negative side effects is to use a well known fashion accessories. 

Hat can help you to stop the UV rays to touch your hair and with that prevent any kind of damage that UV rays can lead to. If you are not necessarily a type to wear straw hats then maybe cute cap, head scarf or head band might be the right choice for you. Hair accessories are a fun and easy way to protect your hair from Sun but also spice your summer outfit. 

Using heat on your hair while it is already hot enough isn’t really a best possible idea you can have. We all know how much damage a hair curlers and straighteners can do to your hair. Although there are heat protecting products they can’t completely save your hair from the heat. Just take always any kid of curler and straightener and just embrace your hair as it naturally is. 

Drying your hair with hairdryer on a high heat level replace with a natural air drying or use a cold drying option on a hairdryer. Something that a lot of people forget is that hot water that you wash your hair with can also lead to hair damage. Although hot showers are nice and relaxing they are not good for your hair so try to avoid them. If you want to get those beach waves then make French braids on both sides of your head or more if you want before you go to bed and wake up with beautiful waves on which your hair will be thankful. 

Although you might do everything in your power to protect your hair from the outside factors they will not be as beneficial if you aren’t taking care of your diet and water intake. The best way to keep your hair hydrated and soft is to drink 2 liters of liquid a day, especially water. Vitamins are also very important for the overall health and with that for the for the health of the hair. Vitamins and minerals you can take through different ingredients. 

One of the important vitamins is Vitamin A which you can find in ingredients as eggs, spinach, carrot and melon. Vitamin B helps with hair growth and color and you can take it daily by consuming milk, egg yolk, chicken and fish. To be even surer that you are taking vitamins every day you can find them in pharmacies. 

How do you take care of your hair in Summer time? 

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