Blackberry Picking

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

One of my favorite activities in the Summer is blackberry picking. Every year at the end of the month of August I go in to the woods to pick blackberry. Living in the country side and having that possibility to go to the nature whenever I like is something I never want to leave. Once a country side girl, always a country side girl.

Last year unfortunately wasn’t very good for blackberries. It was to dry and they couldn’t grow. Thankfully this year’s weather was perfect for them. Enough rain to give them power to grow and sun to make them mature faster. I know my local wood area like the back of my hand. Therefore I know the best places where the biggest and finest blackberries grow. I actually like that you need to make some effort to get to the juiciest and biggest blackberries. I can't wait to bake blackberry pie or to make a jam. 

Sometimes I go with my family but this time I wanted some time for myself and nature. I just grabbed a bowl and went in the nature. After I picked quit a few blackberries I decide to go for a little walk through the little groves where only thing you can hear is birds tweeting and branches crackling. Two of my absolutely favorite sounds.

If I’m very lucky sometimes I see doe and fawn grazing. This time I they didn't want to say hi. I  find blackberry picking and walking through the woods to be the perfect time to relax and think. I take my phone just in case something important happened or to take photos. I always turn off my internet connection because I don’t want to be distracted by any social media. I think it's very important to have those kind of day once in a while. I'm sure I'm going to appreciate them more because I'm moving to a big city in October. 

Do you like blackberry picking? 

♥ ;)