3 Podcasts You Need To Listen

Friday, August 26, 2016

Podcast is quite a new thing for me. I just recently started to truly explore and listen to it. Although I'm more of a visual person I really enjoy listening to podcast while I'm writing posts or searching for something. I like that I can learn a new things from them and that they are very interesting. Here are 3 of my top podcasts. 

This is the first podcast I ever listened to. I new Grace Helbig from the YouTube and always found her very funny and unique. She is so witty and always herself. In her podcast she talks with YouTube stars about everything and anything. It can be so random and I just love it for that even more. 

Who doesn't like lunch? This is a podcast hosted by two beautiful ladies Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes. I know Ingrid from her YouTube channel which of I'm a big fan. She is just such a lovely and honest person. Cat I got to know through this podcast and I really think that she is so nice and intelligent woman. They talk about social problems, relationships and all life dilemmas.  I like that I can always take something from every single podcast. 

This is a fairly new favorite of mine. I find it through Twitter.  It's a podcast hosted by Emma Gannon. You maybe know Emma  from her blog  Girl Lost In The City  or you maybe read her book called Ctrl Alt Delete just as her podcast. On her podcast she talks with some very influential online people and I always find it very interesting and inspiring.

Do you like to listen podcasts? 
What do you think about them? 

♥ ;)