Things That Make Me Happy

Monday, August 29, 2016

Sometimes it's easier to see the bad things in life then the good ones. It's easier to complain then to appreciate little things in life that are positive and good. I haven't been feeling like myself recently and it honestly sucks. I personally  think that if you turn to good things in life and be grateful on them you are going to be so much happier. Therefore I decided to write down all the things that currently make me happy. 

  • Friends ~ If there is something that can make me feel better immediately that are my friends. I’m so grateful to be blessed with five of people that I can truly call my best friends. Some of them I know for 4 years but some for my whole life. We always have an amazing time filled with laughter and pure joy. Every single one of them is different and it gives nice vibe whenever we hang out. 

  • Upbeat Music ~ I’ve been loving music to which I can dance and sing from the top of my lungs. Sometimes in the car and sometimes in my room. I like that feeling when I hear the beat that I love so much. Music is something I can’t live without. I’m always humming and singing. 

  • Sunny days ~ I don’t know how somebody could dislike the sun. I love everything about it…yes even when it’s boiling hot. I like when I wake up and see the sun through my window. I immediately feel so much happier. Sun makes me love life a little bit more. 

  • Drawing ~ I’ve always loved to express my creativity though draws and art. I find it so relaxing to turn on some music, take pencil in my hand and just draw. I draw whatever I’m feeling. It’s so relaxing and peaceful. Even seeing draws from my little cousins on my door makes me so happy. Whenever I visit them we draw together and they always give me their art. 

  • Sunflowers ~ I always like to have flowers in my home. Especially on my bedside table. The one flower that I think I like the most is sunflower. My favorite color is yellow and, you know, sunflowers are yellow.  I love the fact that they turn their head towards the sun. I have them in my garden and they look so beautiful. 

What makes you happy?