Best Nivea Products

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Nivea is one of those brands that you can really relay on. As long as I can remember there was always at least one of the Nivea products in my home. From its creams, body lotions and shower gels.  I have pretty sensitive skin and other creams and body products can really irritate it. That was never the case with Nivea. Here I have my top 3 Nivea products that I absolutely love.

Stress Protect Deodorant Stick ~ This is the only deodorant  that I’m using and buying over and over again. Wondering way? Because it’s absolutely amazing.  I used to sweat a lot when I was younger and it wasn’t pleasant. All the deodorants I used before never worked for me in a long period of time. This deodorant really last for 48 hours and it really does a great job against sweating smell. When I first tried it I just couldn’t believe how good it is. It’s in stick and I find it super easy to apply. I can easily put it in my bag. It’s so sensitive and although it has a nice smell you can wear perfume and it

Pure & Natural Cleansing Milk ~ I actually did a review of this product few months ago. So if you want to know more about this cleansing milk go over and check it out here. I’m one of those girls that don’t like to go to bed with makeup. I just need to take it off. I don’t like to wake up and have panda eyes. This cleansing milk is really great. It’s very gentle and does its job pretty good. I realized that my skin got clearer since I'm using it. 

Creme ~ This is the creme that my family and I use as long as we can remember. Just the smell reminds me of my childhood. It’s so moisturizing and leaves my skin nice and soft. Although you can use it for your whole body I prefer to apply it on my face. It’s the only cream I’m 100% sure won’t irritate me. It’s as well amazing for any dry areas. Especially in the winter months. You can get it in smaller sizes too which is great for travelling. 

Do you like Nivea? 
What is your favorite product?