Let's Go To The Beach!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Right now I’m looking at the beautiful, clear blue Adriatic Sea. Enjoying the company of my best friends. We wanted to go on this little trip for so long but life got in the way. Thankfully today was the perfect day. It’s so hot and sunny. Just like what perfect Summer day should be. After writing about my Beach Essentials and what I bring with myself in my beach bag today I wanted to write about my outfit.

It was a two hour trip. Although it may seem like a short one I like to make sure that I feel as comfortable as I can. Sometimes it’s not that nice to sit two hours in the car in uncomfortable cloths. I’m wearing my blue dress with white circles. It’s very light and fluttery. It’s perfect for hot day like today. I can easily take it off and on. On my legs I have these white sandals. I mentioned them in My Fave Summer Footwear post. They are so comfy to wear. I like how they look with this dress.

Of course I have my bag with me. It’s straw beach bag with beads on the fringes. I like it because it’s very spacious. I can put all the things that I need in it. It’s easy to carry around and go well with everything I wear.Underneath I have my swimsuit. I got it last year and I like it a lot. The top is white with zip on the front. I really like the shape of it. It flatters my body type. The material is not like for the usual bikinis. It’s ribbed and thicker. The bottom is from the same material as the top. I got the one in the green color. I think that it looks nice with the white top.

So I'm going to enjoy my beach day. Hanging out with my mates, reading and swimming. Have a nice day and keep safe! 

  What do you like to wear to the beach? 
Have you been on your holiday?