Two Color Nail Art

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I love nail art but I'm not very good at it. Actually I suck at it. My problem is that I'm not really patience. Right after I painted my nails I would start to do something and ruin it. And if I ruin only one nail I'll remove nail polish from all of them...I know I'm a weirdo. Yesterday I was scrolling true (you guess it) Pinterest and I found simple and cute nail art so I decided to try it out. I went for this two color nail design. I mist say that I'm pretty pleased how it turn out cause as I said I'm not expert in this kind of think...or any kind of things to be honest. 

I just painted my nails with Essence "146 that's what I mint!". You all know how much I love this color. I think it' so pretty. I used striping tape to tape off the tips and add 2 coats of the Essence " 149 hello marshmallow!". I think these colors go well together. When it dried on the top I put Essence "Quick dry top coat". I put it because I want it to last longer I wanted to protect my nail polish against chipping. 

As I said I'm not good at this and I did it just for fun. I think that this look prettier than just one color nail. Next time I'm sure it would be much better. 

What do you think of  my nail art attempt? 



  1. I think it looks lovely! I'm terrible at nail, just like you said I don't have the patience :( New follower

  2. Hey girl Hey! I nominated you for a Liebster award so you can check out what you have to do on my blog! Love your posts xx