Summer Makeup Routine

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

In the hot Summer days I don't really wear a lot of makeup. Reason is that I'm too lazy and it'll just melt on my face. I usually put makeup when I'm going to a city or party. But even then if my skin is good I don't like to put much foundation or BB cream. I like natural and light makeup. Today I decided to show you what makeup product do I use. 

Since I have oily skin I start of with using Pure Active Carbon Peeling. It really help me with acne's and redness. It smooths and hydrates my skin. After I wash and dry my skin I use Nivea Soft Cream. It hydrates skin with jojoba oil and moisturizes and protects natural structure of skin with vitamin E. It' s quickly absorbed, nourishes the skin and makes it soft and supple. I think that it's really important to put cream before foundation because it prevents drying of the skin, and makeup lasts longer. Especially in the summer times.

First makeup product that I'm using is Essence Stay Natural Concealer in  "01 soft beige". I just dab it under my eyes. I do it before foundation because I have big under eye dark circles and redness around my nose. I blend it with my fingers because I think that it blend better that way. Sometimes I just use concealer if I have good skin day. I think that it's not always necessary to use a lot of foundation or BB cream. 

For my foundation I'm using Maybelline New Affinitone foundation in "14 creamy beige". I just tap it on my face and then I bland it.  I have really big eye circles so sometimes I put my concealer over again. Just to be completely sure that I cover them well. 

Next up are eyebrows. Mine are really black and thick and they are really hard to get in shape. I'm using Essence Quattro Eyeshadow in "o7 over the taupe"  this second chocolate brown color. And also I'm using angled brush. Next step is my eyes. I'm again using this Essence eyeshadow pallet. I'm applying this lightest shade. It's a really pretty champagne color with a little bit of shimmer. I think it's perfect color for natural every day look. I'm adding a darker shade in outer corners of my eye and blending it in to crease. 

Now I'm taking both colors and putting them on the bottom lash line. I'm adding this dark color on the out part of my eye and putting the lighter color on the inside of my eye. For eyeliner I'm using a black  pencil and this one is AVON ColorTrend in "Glitterati grey". Honestly I'm not the best in this. But I'm getting better and better. Then I ad a little bit of black pencil on my lower lash line. 

Next up is mascara. I think that mascara give that finish touch. I'm using Eveline Cosmetic Big Volume Lash Professional Mascara. I'm not really a big fan of mascaras but I really like this one. It separate my lashes and give them volume. 

After mascara I'm powdering my face. I'm using Catrice Cosmetics All Matt Plus Powder in " 010 Transparent". It's long lasting shine control powder. It gives matt pigment and have light- reflection. And the best thing about it is that it's oil free.  Next step is blusher. I'm using Essence Silky Touch Blush in " 60 life is cherry". I love it so much. It's such a pretty pink color. 

Now the last step is off course lipstick and I'm using Essence Lipstick in " 53 all about cupcake". But before  lipstick I tend to use Labello Lip Butter in "Raspberry Rose". It makes my lips softer and it made lipstick last longer.  



  1. I'm not one for a lot of makeup in summer either-it seems to just slide off my face anyway!
    Love the blush colour, such a gorgeous summery shade! Lovely post and lovely blog!
    L xo

    (I have a giveaway on at the mo if you want to have a peak! Also looking for guest bloggers if you'd be interested? No worries if not but drop me an email if you fancy it!) xx

    1. Yeah, this blush color is so pretty. Thank you very much! ;) I would definitely check out your blog and giveaway. xo