Mitovational Monday Quote #22

Monday, July 28, 2014

I was thinking a lot about this quote today.  We all know that we care for other people opinions, me first. I'm really emotional  person and I  accept everything very personally. Thing that intrigued me about this quote is this "Never change who you are". I think that this  occurrence of imposing one's opinion to someone is very frequent in today's world. But it's more frequent at teenagers. It's very hard when someone witch opinion is very important to you says that you need to change. You start to overthinking and doubting in yourself. And in teen years when we are trying to found out who we are and what we want to be this can really hurt us. 

Last week I have a feeling that I need to change because of some people. It really got me good. I couldn't stop thinking about myself my personality and behavior. To explain, I'm very talkative person. Sometimes maybe little to much talkative but I never look at it in the bad way till last week when I got feeling that some people that are very important to me don't like that very much. I even try to be more quite. But after lot of thinking I realize that I'm not going to change because of those people. If I'm going to change it'll be because of myself and because I want to be better person. Remember that you are what you are and if somebody don't like that it's their problem. 
If somebody is going to love you it'll be because of you and that kind of people will never ask you to change.