The Day When Everything Began!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Today is the day that changed my life. It's the day when everything start. Day when I opened blogger, logged in write my first post and click publish button and started this beautiful journal. Two years ago...yeah two years. I think that this was my best decision ever. I remember that when I start I didn't really know much about this blogger world. I step in it unprepared. When I said unprepared I mean like really unprepared. I didn't know about blog design, HTML, photography, bloglovin... I didn't realize how big this blog world is. I was familiar with YouTube and all that kind of stuff but blogger was something different.

Actually YouTube was reason why I even start blogging. To be precise two of my favorite YouTubers; Zoella and Bethany Mota. They were and still are my big inspiration and role models. I know that I could never start a YouTube and when I figure out that Zoella has blog I was surprised. I was always into fashion and beauty and when I realized that I could share it with other girls I was overjoyed. Like it was something incredible for me. 

At first I thought that it'll be easy but trust me it was not. At one point I even stop blogging but I just could not without it. I start investigate this world and somehow I figure it out. Although there are so many things that I still need to understand and learn. Google helped me so much. I googled everything.  First year I didn't have single one follower but I didn't want that to discourage me. I know that I love blogging and that I want to do it no matter if nobody read it. Than after couple of months people started to like my blog and I gain more and more  followers. You don't even know how happy I was when had only one follower. I just could not believe it. 

Now in 2014 I have 63 bloglovin and 39 GFC friends. I don't look at you like just some people that comes to my blog read and go away. I really don't want somebody to follow me and don't even like my blog. I don't see point in that. I understand that my style of writing don't suit everyone and that is absolutely OK. I look at you as my friends. I'm so happy when you left me your sweet comments and tweets. I like to talk to you.  So never hesitate to leave me a comment. Even if you didn't like something I would accept it as something that I need to work on. 

So I want to Thank You so much for your support It means a world to me!!! Hope we'll hang out many years.
Love you so much!! xoxo 



  1. WELL DONE ANTONIA! You've achieved so much keep up the great work, your inspiring me to continue my blog also! "don't ever let that discourage you" best quote from the post!