Something About Sky

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


"Look at the sky to remember the immense freedom. Then look at yourself to make certain that you can enjoy that freedom."

 It's something about sky that I love so much. If you follow me on Instagram you you'll see that every other photo is of sky... my phone is full of sky photos. Even as a kid I loved to lie in the grass and watch clouds passing by and every cloud was something else; dragon,bird, heart... It's amazing in how many colors sky can be. From soft blue to grey. There is no beautiful thing than sky after it's been raining and then sun comes out and sky become orange. Oh how I love that sight. Sometimes if I'm looking in it for long time it seems like it's not real like someone painted it. In one second it can be clear, gentle blue with a lot of thick white clouds. So beautiful and graceful. And then in the other black and so powerful. 

And then there is sky at night. Beautiful black vastness full of magnificent little sparkly stars. It's seems so untouchable. I think that that's reason why I love it so much.. because of its innocence and purity. I remember that I loved to count stars. It seams to me like they are winking at me. To this day, every clear night I can see three stars next to one another in the plane. I kind of feel safe every time that I look at them. As they will always be there blinking at me. It's important sometimes to just stop, take deep breath, look at the sky and be grateful for everything we have. 


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