Little Summer Clothing Haul!!

Friday, July 18, 2014


These couple of months I had a little shopping spree. I needed to fresh up my wardrobe for summer days. I went in some of my favorite shops and bought few clothing items. I'm not one of the people that will go to shop and buy everything they see. If i see something I like I first stop and think do I really need that item and do I have to style it with something that I already  have and of course if the price is worthy of its quality. . After I thought about all these stuff then I buy it.  Sometimes I feel that I act like a old lady but I just don't want to buy something that will stand in my closet I that I'll trow away. 

And yes I'm worst person for shopping. I need to see and touch  annoys my mother :). I like to just walk trough shops and finding little cute hidden peaces. Thing that I don't like is trying out. I just don't like it at all. I'll rather not buy the item that I like than to try it out in small cabin in shop.  I have feel that somebody will bump while I'm, no I would rather avoid that.
Ok now that I told you all that irrelevant things I think it's time that I show what I got!! 

I bought this denim shirt few months ago and I love it so much. It have old- fashioned buttons that look really charming. On the shoulders and back it has these sewn details. I think that it look more interesting with these details and that it's not so boring. It look cute unbuttoned too. I like to wear T-shirt with straps underneath. I think that you can never go wrong with denim because it will always be in fashion. :)

The print on this shirt is so cute. I'm very into printed T-shirts. Material is so light and easy. It's a little bit baggy and I really like that. I don't like small and tight shirts. I'm very into blue and green colors. And this is such a beautiful blue. I think that there is not too much to say about it except that it's pretty.

I think that these item is my fave from all the others.  I bought it recently and I think it's so lovely. It's loose long sleeves shirt. I absolutely love that "college" touch. It's nice gray color. It have little bat sleeves and I never had shirt like that. I think that I would wear it in chilly summer night. But I'll wore it much more in Fall days.  Hope that I'll found more shirts like this one. 

These item is something surely very out of my comfort zone. It's these really cute printed baggy pants. I never wore something like that. I'm more of jeans and leggings type of girl. They are really comfy and soft. I think that ,if I find the courage, I'll style it with white shirt and black sandals. 

As I said I really like green color. This blouse is in the most beautiful shade of green. It's sheer and delicate. I like that the back side is longer that a front one. It look really pretty. I wore it tucked into my pants. It is great about this kind of blouses that you can live it out and it will look like different outfit. 

And the last item is MAD T - shirt. I bought in in the same store that I bought long sleeve one. They were both on sale what is beyond doubt great thing.  It is as well really good quality. I think that the sing is so funny and charismatic. It's baggy and simple. I wore it yesterday and it's sheer so it don't sticking to my skin. What is very good because it was so hot and I hate that sticky feeling.

That is all from my little haul. Hope you liked it. I think that I didn't do haul from last Summer. Honestly don't know why. 

Write to you soon!! xo 



  1. That wardrobe looks so cool! I love those trousers so nice! I need to go some shopping for pretty clothes :D thanks for sharing hun I followed via GFC :D

    1. Yeah, they are really cute. :) Thank you so much for following, it means a world to me!! xo