Stay In the Moment, Not In Your Social Media

Sunday, February 18, 2018

With all the social media and technology that we use daily the now old-fashioned way of enjoying life is definitely pushed on the back seat. Knowing when it’s okay to enjoy that moment without publishing it on the Instagram or sharing it on Twitter is sometimes quite hard. We are so immersed in what’s going on in every single social media and how to keep up with all of them that sometimes that precious moment just pass by. 

Capturing memories is totally fine but sometimes we do it for the wrong reasons. We do it for the likes or shares and not for what it should truly mean to us. Not crossing that border is becoming a real skill that everyone should try to learn. Especially teenagers as they are born in the social media era and for them it's something completely normal and natural. I like to ask myself if I would share this with my best friend and if I wouldn't then I won't post it on social media where people that I don't even know would see it. 

People nowadays share every little thing they’re doing…I used to be guilty of that myself. There is no need in sharing exactly what you are doing every minute of your day. If you are on the beach and there is an incredible sunset happening in front of your eyes why ruining it while taking hundreds of photos of it when you can save it in your mind and truly be present in that exact moment. We tend to forget that things like that don’t come every second. Social media gave us so much but also took away from us so many special moments. I think that it’s a main reason why our ancestors knew how to really live and appreciate time with family, friends, stranger, and animals. They were there and mindful. 

Nowadays some people can go so far to take the “perfect” Instagram photo and won’t think will that have any consequences on nature and their well being. Making memories and keeping them to yourself will make them so much more special. The point is that you can of course share your life on social media but do it for the right reasons and really think if it’s necessary to share something. 

I know how addicting it can be to just scroll through Instagram and see all the beautiful places people are traveling to or how beautiful they look. It’s crazy how many hours you can loose with just scrolling through your social media and feeling like they have a perfect life when you’re doing absolutely nothing. If you only step outside for just a half an hour you’d see how many amazing opportunities and moments you’re missing while constantly looking what others are doing and feeling bad because you’re not in their places. Another thing that I’d like to stress on is that Instagram does not represent one’s life. The photos you see on Instagram are the glimpse of somebody’s life. 

If you look from your perspective I’m sure that you don’t post negative and depressing things as you probably want to remember happy moments when you go to your feed. Stop living through other people’s social media and get back into reality. If you’re not happy with how it’s looking make a change. It’s your life and it’s on you to choose the way you want to live your life. 

Do you feel that you sometimes overshare? 
Do you have any tips on living in the moment? 

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