3 Things To Do On Sunday For An Amazing Week Ahead

Sunday, February 25, 2018

I’m pretty sure that Sunday is for most of you day to relax and charge your battery after a long week. It’s also a great day to do the things that will help you have an amazing week ahead as well. As you are probably in a great mood already why not to transfer that on the next week with 3 simple things you can easily do. I promise you that those will be the most productive minutes of your Sunday.

Past six days has probably been different, even if that difference is so little that you didn’t even noticed it. All the happy, sad, exciting, boring, busy, tiring, loving moments are something you can learn from. Past is definitely a best teacher. Taking a few minutes out of your day and thinking back how your week was is very important. It will give you an insight on what you could do different or which things made you extremely happy and proud. Reflecting on both bad and good moments is a step towards better week ahead of you. You go from Monday to Sunday and make list of pros and cons of every day. It’s normal that you won’t remember everything that happened but try your best to remember as much as you can. 

Make a list of things that you accomplished and things that you wanted to but didn’t manage to. Those are all the things that can help you have a more productive and mindful week that is waiting for you. One of the great parts of reflecting is realizing how amazing your life actually is. Of course that you go through hardship put at the end you’re still alive and thriving. Reflecting will show you the things you need to be grateful for as we tend to forget to do that and focus only on the bad things. 

Going into the new week without thinking about all the things that are waiting for you can be quite overwhelming. I’m sure that most of you either work or go to university and that your week is full of due dates and new assignments you need to work on. Sunday is the perfect day to go over all of that without feeling anxious and nervous. Take your planner and just look for a little bit at it. You might overlook something on your schedule and this is the best time to shift things over or add new assignments to your list. I would recommend you to mark a few personal and business goals you would like to achieve until the end of the week. It’s great to have your week in front of you as it’ll be lot easier for you too picture how much time you’ll need for different tasks and how will that reflect on your personal life. 

Sometimes when we plan things we focus only on the work stuff and don’t plan our personal life. When I say plan I don’t mean know what you’ll be doing every single second yet having a general picture. I find it much more enjoyable to see list of things I need to do near the list of things I really want to do. I think that this will make you much more productive as you’ll want to finish with that assignment sooner because of those more enjoyable things on your list. 

After you made a recap of last week and planned it out now it’s time to visualize it. Every new week brings excitement as you never know for sure what will happen and how will that affect your life. Trying to actually visualize it will make will make it look more real. It’s scientifically proven that when you visualize things you need to do or want to achieve your brain acts like it’s already doing it. While you visualize doing things that you previously planned you’ll be more likely to achieve them. If you want to make the visualization process even more effective try to find a calm and quiet place where you can easily relax. 

Make yourself comfortable and take a few deep breathes. Now close your eyes and try to really think about each day and the things you want to achieve. As many details you can image as better. Write it down so you can actually go back to it at the beginning of each day. Your thoughts have such a big power over your life so use them to feel motivated and inspired to grow as a person and make each they fulfilled and valuable. This is definitely something that you should practice and do it as slowly as you need. For some people it can be easier than for others but that’s okay. You’ll get there. 

Do you like to do any of these things on Sundays? 
What is your goal for the next week? 

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