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Monday, February 12, 2018

Interior design is something I’ve been loving since I was a little girl. I would always rearrange my bedroom and try to style it to suit my taste. It is definitely one of my favorite ways to let my creativity out. That love definitely got bigger as I got older and my style got sharper. I was very happy when Photowall reached to me to collaborate. 

Photowall is Swedish company that makes wall murals and canvas prints in different designs. Their wall murals and canvas prints are environment friendly, file-retardant and do not fade in sunlight. They work with different photographers and designers from all around the world and they have over 3000 motifs in their range. 

To be honest I struggled with decorating my walls the most. I would always postpone that part as I just didn’t know what to do or where to start looking for art pieces. So when I first went to Photowall website I was pleasantly surprised. It’s so easy to navigate and search for the designs you like. You can choose from wall murals and canvas prints from their collection or you can choose your own image which is such a great option to personalize your design. 

If you decide to choose one of their designs you’ll definitely have a large selection to choose from. I must be honest at first it’s a little bit overwhelming, but in a good way. There are so many beautiful designs which make it so hard to narrow it down. Thankfully you can select them by different categories, colors or by rooms you want the design to go in which makes it so much easier. 

I really liked few designs but after thinking it through I decided to go with Tulip Field by Claude Monet. My love for this style of paintings and Claude Monet started in High School on Art class. In the process of choosing the design I definitely had in mind the room it’s going to go in. One of the walls in my living room is quite wide and it always looked unfinished so I knew that it’s the right spot for this canvas print. I was definitely right as I absolutely love how it looks now. 

I was quite surprised when I saw that you can adjust the height and width of your canvas and how easy it is. I love that they actually show you how the canvas would look on the wall and in different rooms. As I’m a visual person it helped me a lot to decide the height and width. I decided to go for 90x50 as I thought it would look the best. I wanted for canvas to stand out but I didn’t want it to be too in the face as it’s the first thing you can see when you come into the living room. I really think it blended well and gives a nice dimension to the room. 

The whole process of buying the canvas was so easy. Some online shopping sites can make it quite complicated. I love how everything is explained which makes it stress free for someone who isn’t used to online shopping. They provide worldwide delivery and if you’re from Europe then your delivery is going to be free which is amazing as sometimes shipping can be more expensive than the thing you’re buying. When you proceed to checkout you can choose the method of payment.

As soon as I proceeded to payment I got the receipt on my email as well as a shipment details. I ordered the canvas on January 29 and they said that it will be shipped on February 2. Honestly I didn’t believe that it’s going to arrive this soon as Sweden and Croatia are on a different sides of Europe. It was very interesting to see where the package is every day. So when I got notification that package arrived exactly on February 2 I was so happy.

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This post is sponsored but all the opinions are my own. 

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