Is Social Media Taking Over Your Life? Put It Under Control

Friday, February 23, 2018

Oh how easy it is to get lost in all the social medias. It seems like there is a new one popping out every single day. The status and acceptability are measured by the likes, shares and comments you get on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. It’s crazy how easy we can all get sucked into that virtual world and identified it with the real one. How many times did the 5 minute scroll through Instagram end up being a few hours liking photos and immersing in life of people you don’t even know? We’ve all been there. 

Realizing the impact social media has on your life is a first step towards having a healthy relationship with it. Social media brings so many benefits but also if we go overbroad it can make our life complicated. Using social media to learn and connect with other people is amazing but we need to know where the limit.

It’s so easy to think that spending 6 hours a day on a social media is normal or healthy. We tend to forget that sometimes we immerse ourselves in the virtual world too much and too often. As with everything else, having a balance is the key of happy and social media healthy life. Being addicted to social media is similar to being addicted to coffee. Society knows that it’s addiction but tolerates it and makes it seem like it is okay. If you don’t want to fall down in that whole you need to be strict with yourself. First try to think about how much time in a day you spend scrolling through social media. 

It’s obvious that not every time spent on social media is bad so you need to think about how many hours do you spend unconsciously scrolling through Twitter reading meaningless twits from people you don’t even know. If you came to realization that you do it too often than try to set a time frame in which you’ll use each social media. Don’t lie to yourself as it won’t bring you anything good. There are even some apps you can download for free that will help you stick to your time frame. 

If you go outside and look around you can see so many people holding phones in their hands not even looking at where they are going. It’s like the phone is a part of their body. I used to be and sometimes still am guilty of that. The saddest part is that we are losing the real meaning of having a social life. Definition of social life is spending time with others doing enjoyable things. Nowadays even if friends meet in person they still look at their phones not even talking to each other. You can even notice that younger population doesn’t even know how to properly talk to each other or what are basics of cultural behavior. 

I have a task for you. Next time you are with your family and friends turn off your phones and put them aside. You’ll see how much more fun you’ll have with just talking face to face and seeing their emotions through their gestures and face expressions. You won’t even notice that you talked for an hour and didn’t even think once about turning on your phone and scrolling through social media. This is what will make you bond with your friends and even with yourself. 

We are flooded with good and bad, important and irrelevant news every single second of our day. Your brain needs to decide which information’s it will store and which one it will ignore. One of human’s characteristics is curiosity. Without being curious we wouldn’t be where we are now. But there is a difference in being curious and being noisy. Definition of curiosity is a strong desire to know or learn something and being noisy means being too involved in other people’s lives. It’s easy to get sucked in all the celebrity gossips and dramas that are going on. Honestly I still don’t get that people believe everything that is on the internet or in magazines and why would they have an opinion on somebody’s personal life. 

Just block it all out and focus on your life. If you give yourself an excuse that you were on Twitter for 2 hours straight just to “check news” don’t kid yourself. If you spend a few hours without a phone nothing will happen. Earth is still going to be here but you’ll actually be in the real world and maybe those few hours you’ll learn a new skill or finally properly relax. Scrolling every two minutes on Instagram is just unnecessary because its algorithm still won’t be chronological and you’ll even see photos form 6 days ago so don’t you worry a thing. 

Do feel like you're spending too much time on social media? 
Which social media consumes most of your tim? 

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