My Most Used Apps

Friday, February 3, 2017

Smartphones are such a big part of most of our lives. Today when majority of us has at least one mobile phone it's quite hard to imagine world without them. Technology come so far in past years and smartphones developed a lot. There is so many different apps for anything and everything. Here are few of my favorite ones. 


As a blogger and blog reader I find bloglovin' to be the best app for being up to date with all blogs posts. It makes it super easy to follow and organize all of the blogs I follow. It's completely free and so easy to use. I like to have all of the blogs I love on one place and never miss their new posts. 


I'm sure that if you're on instagram and love beautiful instagram feed you heard of this app. It's one of the best photo editing apps I've ever tried. I use it to edit my instagram photos and sometime even a blog photos. There is so many options and filters you can use to make your photos pretty. 


I spend too much time scrolling through Pinterest. It's one of the bests apps on which you can find tips, diy's, fashion inspiration and so much more. It's like a virtual board on which you pin all the things you like. It's completely free and you can upload and save photos. You can organize them in different boards which makes it so much more organized. 


There is so many applications from which you can send text messages and call people but I like Whatsapp the most. It's free, easy to use and have all the options I need.I like that I can easily send photos, voice overs, PFD files which is very useful.  Only bad thing about this app is that it takes quite a lot of storage. 

Which are your most used apps?