{review} eBay Makeup Brush Set

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The first and only brush I ever used was the Catrice powder brush. I've had it for so long and it's amazing. I always saw a lot of bloggers writing a reviews of makeup brushes from brands like Zoeva, NARS or MAC. Although I would love to own all of them they are currently just too pricey for me. I decided to look through eBay and find cheaper makeup brushes. 

There is quite a lot makeup brush set options. Of course you can buy them separately or in a set. I noticed that they are more expensive if you buy them separately.   So after searching for a little bit and trying to find the most convenient one I stumbled upon these ones. At first I like how they look and how many of them I would get for the price. These are Professional 7pcs Soft Makeup Brush Set Eyeshadow Tools Eye Face Beauty Brushes. They arrived  in between two weeks which is quite good as they were shipped from China. They were 1,39 £ and you got 7 brushes.

In the set there is face brush, eyeliner brush, eye shaded stick brush, lip brush, angled eyeliner brush, shader brush and  eyeshadow brush. You can choose between four colors. Pink, black, blue and green. I went with a black one as I liked how it looked the most. The handles are wooden and on the one side it says for what the brush is for, although it's not like on the photo they showed, and on the other it says Hello Kitty. Although I don't mind that it says Hello Kitty but it wasn't mentioned anywhere on the page. 

I was actually really impressed with the quality of fiber. They are synthetic and the fiber fell out just a few times. I used them all and I'm quite satisfied whit the quality. I only don't use Face brush for powder because it's too soft, but it's amazing for blush. I was a little bit disappointed with the size as they are 9.5 to 12 cm long. I thought that they are going to be a little bit bigger but it actually has it's pros as I don't have much time to storage makeup and they don't take much space when travelling. 

I want to make clear that I wasn't looking for perfect makeup brushes of high quality. I just wanted to see if I could buy makeup brushes for less but also get a good quality. I think that they are amazing if you're beginner at doing makeup or just don't have that possibility to afford high quality ones at the moment. 

Which makeup brushes are you using? 
Have you bought anything from eBay?