H&M Fashion Wishlist!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Fashion is definitely I want to experiment more in the new year. Stepping out of my comfort zone and actually buy and wear things that will make me excited and happy. H&M is by far my favorite brand. I just love how unique and fresh their clothing pieces are. I decided to go on their website and find some pieces I want to have in my wardrobe this year. 

Denim jackets were my favorite clothing piece when I was younger. I just loved them so much. While scrolling through website and seeing this beautiful jacket I realized that I don't own any denim jacket right now. Anything denim but especially denim jacket is something that will never get out of fashion. That's why it's the first thing on my wishlist. Next denim things are jeans. Finding the perfect skinny jeans is definitely something I've been struggling the most. I really like the look and style of these ones. They are just plain jeans which I honestly like the most. They are easy to pair and look amazing with everything. 

I love to wear blouses. They always look so cute but sophisticated. It's so easy to dress the up and down. I'm in love with this powder pink blouse. I already own few of H&M blouses and the material and models are so pretty and flattering. So when I mentioned stepping out of my comfort zone I was basically having in mind this gorgeous rose print skirt. I think that they look absolutely amazing but I was always afraid to actually wear them. I think that you all already know how much I love trainers. They are definitely my most worn shoes. I always wanted a white pair but I thought that it might not be a good idea to buy them as they get dirty easily but who cares, right? They just look so pretty. 

It's time for accessories. I'm in desperate need for a handbag. I haven't bought a new one in so long. All of my old ones are too small. I really like the size of this one. It's not too small but also not too big. I like that it has two handles and detached shoulder strap. As I decided to let my hair grow long on some days it can be hard to style it. This hairband is just perfect as I don't like having my hair on my face and this would be a cute way to style it. And last are these sunglasses. I usually don't actually wear sunglasses very often but I want to start to. These ones are my favorite kind of sunglasses and I'll be definitely buying them this year. 

If you didn't noticed already it's more Spring based wishlist. I can't wait for Spring to finally come. Spring fashion is my favorite one so I just needed to do this wishlist. Hope you liked it. 

What's on your wishlist? 
Do you like H&M clothing? 
Have you bought any fashion pieces recently?