Instagram Roundup

Friday, February 17, 2017

Taking photos is definitely something I love to do and want to be better at. I'm constantly trying to improve my blog photos but also I like to take beautiful photos wherever I go. It's something about capturing the moment that makes me so happy and excited. Instagram has definitely been my favorite app to share love of mine.

As I made a new Instagram account this year I've been enjoying photography even more. On my account I post my blog post photos but also aesthetic and pretty snippets of every day life. I like to have that one place where I can share my photos and also follow some amazing accounts. Instagram definitely inspires me to work even harder. I edit my photos on Instagram or VCSO which is an amazing app. It's so easy to use and has all of the settings you need to create a beautiful image.

All of my photos are taken on my NOA MG12 smart phone. I'm so happy by the quality of the camera. I bought it at the end of the last year and it was the best decision.  It has great settings and focus is amazing. I already got so many Although I love my phone, I really want to buy myself a proper camera as I know that it would make a big difference. The Olympus Pen is on the top of my wishlist and if you are a blogger or photography lover than you know exactly why.

Be sure to check my Instagram account so you can follow me on a blog and photography journey. Please leave me your Instagram links so I can check them out.