Body&Soul Wellness ~ Sensual Edition

Friday, February 10, 2017

If you are reading my blog for quite some time (thank you!) you will recognize this brand. I did a review of this product but different scent last year. This time I have a different type of Body&Soul Wellness body gel and body lotion. 

The ones that I used last year were fruity and sweet scented while these ones are more strong and sensual. They have an orchid and brazil nuts note which give them a very lady and elegant touch. The packaging has purple orchids on the black background which also increase that luxurious feel to it. I really like how it looks. It's definitely a total contrast to the last one. 

The Body Gel comes in a tube which can be tricky if the lid isn’t closed well. The consistency is very light and liquid and you really don’t need much of it to have a nice and bubbly shower. The Bodylotions is very creamy. I like that it comes in a tube with a little pump. That’s way you can easily use it and don’t need to worry of it leaking out. It’s very soft and hydrates skin. It also leaves a quite strong scent, but it's not as strong as the body gel. I like that doesn't make my skin dry after it's absorbed and my skin isn't sticky. 

Scent wise I'm more of a fruity and sweet tones person. This one is really elegant and I think that older and more mature women would definitely like it. If you are more into that kind of scents than this body set is perfect for you as it does a really good job. They really moisturize your skin and give it a nice and healthy glow. 

Have you tried this body set? 
What's your favorite body gel and lotion combination?