February Resolution!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Another month another resolution. My January resolution was to drink more water and I can honestly say that it really made me drink more and remind myself to drink. For February I want to do something more mind and peace related. Something that will help me on my journey to a personal growth. 

Practice Mindfulness! 

I want to be fully present and thoughtful. Don't won't to always be in a hurry and under stress. I want to concentrate more and slow down to fully appreciate every moment. Find more time to do all the things that make me happy and time to practice how to be more calm and grounded. I really think that would help me understand myself and people around me. I think that this will be a great way to really take care of my mental health. 

Doing one thing at the time and really concentrating on it sometimes can be hard for me so that's also something I want to improve. I sometimes too emotional so I really  need to learn how to be aver of my emotions and how I can accept them but also work on them. 

Have you made any resolutions for February?