5 Things I Want To Make Time For

Friday, November 4, 2016

We all have those things that we always say we’re going to make time for but never actually do. I’ve been recently thinking about those things and I decided that I’m going to do my best to find some time for them. I know it can be pretty hard to do so but I really think that organization is half the job and you only need a little bit of will.

I know that I'm saying this all the time but as I started my first year at college and my schedule got tighter  I somehow lost my reading time. I’m still reading for the college but I want to set specific time for pleasure reading. At least I’m going to try and separate 30 minutes before bed which used to work for me pretty good.

I used to draw so much and I absolutely loved it. It’s definitely something that relaxes me. Although I might not have enough time for proper drawing I would like to buy myself a coloring book. Few of my friends have it and it looks like so much fun.

Cultural Places
I want to make more time to visit museums, galleries and theaters. I loved going to museums when I was younger. It always fascinated me how everybody’s perception of art is different and unique. Now when I’m living in the city I really want to take advantage of it and visit some interesting museums and watch theater plays.

After writing my Realistic Travel Wishlist post I got a big desire for traveling. I would like to start from smaller and closer places to the ones that are more exotic and far away. Hopefully I'm going to use my winter holidays and squeeze in a little road trip with my family or friends. I've never been skiing before and I think it would be a lot of fun. 

I hate that I just can't stick to my Yoga lessons. At the begging of the Summer I was all into it. I loved doing lessons in my room with Yoga With Adriene. The feeling after it was so amazing. I would like to do it at least three times a week on a days when I have the most free time. I saw a few Yoga places near my dorm room so maybe if I find a partner it would be a nice thing to try out.

I'm going to try my best to make time for these things. I really think that if I do I'm going to feel so much better and happier. 

What do you want to make time for?