15 Of My Favorite Feelings!

Friday, October 28, 2016

There are so many things and moments that make me feel just amazing and in generale happy. Those feelings that happen so fast and bring you that joy. I decided to write about them. Few weeks ago I saw this 15 Of My Favorite Feelings videos circling on the YouTube and it seemed like such an amazing idea. I decided to do it myself too. 

 1. Waking up to the beautiful morning. 

 2. Getting ready for a new day.

 3. Smell of homemade food.

 4. Going back at home.

 5. Exploring new places.

 6. Cuddling with my pets.

 7. Diving into a new book.

8. Going through the book store.

9. Laughter.

10. Being surrounded by friends and family. 

11. Taking of my makeup.

12. Having a walk on a crispy  Autumn day.

13. Doing something out of my comfort zone.

14. Making others smile.

15. Being creative.

I would really love to see some of you're favorite feelings. If you do it on your blog be sure to leave me links so I can check it out. 

What are your favorite feelings?