Homemade Christmas Wreath

Monday, November 28, 2016

I like getting crafty and make things with my own bare hands. It was like that from when I was just a little girl. I think I got it from my mom because she is quite creative as well.  This is one of my favorite ways to let my creativity out. My favorite kind of crafts to do are definitely Christmas related ones. Just making them puts me in such a good and festive mood.

Today I’m going to show you how I made this cute little Christmas Wreath. This is the first time I made it and to be honest I’m pretty proud of myself. Not to brag but few people asked me where I bought it.

                             Supplies                                                                                         Tools 
          hazel branches/ grapevine branches                                                     hot glue gun 
                        little pine cones                                                                               scissors 
                       juniper branches
                         pine branches
                     decorative ribbon
                           red beads

I found most of my supplies in the nature but you can buy them in a craft store. 

1. Start by taking your hazel or grapevine branches and gently bend them until you forme a circle. Be carefully to not snap the branches in half.

2. After you formed a circle in whatever size you want ask somebody to help you tie it down with the yarn. 

3.  Now when you have a original shape you can decorate your wreath as you like and want it to look like. 

4. I choose to use three little pine cones and glue them in the middle. I took red beads and placed them on each side of the pine cones to form a illusion of holly. Then I putted one branch of juniper on each size and also glued them. (Be careful with a hot glue gun so you don't burn yourself.) I made a little bow from the decorative ribbon and put it on the top of my wreath.

5. When you like how you decorated your wreath take a little bit of yarn to make a  loop so you can hang on your wreath. 

I really like how it turned out. You can definitely put your own touch and use different supplies. I hang mine on my dorm room door and I really like how it looks. If you remade this craft please be sure to send me your pictures as I would love to see them. 

Do you like this craft? 
Are you excited for Christmas?