College Bag Essentials

Saturday, November 26, 2016

My girl friends and I always liked to go through each other’s bags and see what we’re carrying with ourselves every single day. To be honest we steel do. What’s in my bag? YouTube videos and blog post are my favorite ones to watch. I find it so interesting to see bits and bobs people carry with them.

I hoped that you like them too so I decided to do my College Bag Essentials. I did What’s in my bag? post quite a while ago and it was my little satchel bag. Now as a college student my bag and things that I carry in it changed quite a lot.

I bought my college bag this year. I wanted something cute and with lots of space. I decided that the best option for me is a backpack. I always preferred them over carryon bags. I just find it much easier to carry all of my notebooks and books in a backpack. I love that it’s in black leather and the size is just perfect for me. 

Let’s now get into my bag. The first and the most important thing is my wallet. I have it for few years now and I think it’s time I get a new one. This one is little bit too large for me. I need something smaller and cuter. Of course I couldn’t leave my room without my phone. Another thing I need to replace. I have it for three years and it’s not working properly anymore. I have my head phones in just in case I want to listen to some music between classes but I realized that I actually never do.

In some of my classes I take notes so I always have notebooks and pencil case with me. I have a lot of different colored markers and pens as I find it easier to learn when I use them. I like to have at least one book that I need to read with me in case that I have free time to read it.

As it’s Autumn and the weather can be pretty changeable I like to take my little umbrella with me. Just in case it starts to rain out of nowhere. I also always have a bottle of water with me to stay hydrated. Only makeup product that I carry with me is lip balm or lip stick. My lips can get pretty chipped and dry so I just need to use lip products to protect them. I usually have one in backpack pocket and one in my pencil case.

That’s everything I keep in my backpack. I hope you enjoyed this post! 

What do you have in your bag?