AVON Colortrend Lipstick

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Nude was always my go to shade for every makeup look. I would especially choose nude for lipsticks. I just didn’t like to wear anything bright and too colorful. It’s not that I didn’t like them it’s just that I was always too afraid to wear them. I thought that bright lipsticks just won’t suit my skin tone and I couldn’t be more wrong. Little by little I started to try brighter lipstick and started to love them more and more. The game changer for me was this AVON COLORTREND lipstick in “Flirt”.

This is my first lipstick from AVON. I got it for my birthday from a friend. The lipstick comes in nice white packaging with see through part where you can see the shade. It’s really simple but you can see and feel that it’s good quality.  I like minimalistic design.

This pinky orangey shade is absolutely beautiful. You can easily adjust if you want lighter or brighter shade. It’s super easy to apply because of the creamy texture. You really don’t need to put a lot of it to see result. One thing that I really like is that it’s not sticky and I noticed that it stays on for a long time.

It leaves a nice shiny look which I think is perfect in the Summer. When I’m wearing it I like to have nude shade eyes so that it’s not too much. I have a darker skin tone so the orange really compliments my tan and my black hair. In my opinion it’s suitable for day and night. I always have it in my bag and reapply it if I want it to be brighter. It leaves my lips soft and moisturized.

To conclude I really recommend this lipstick. Especially if you are like me and don’t want to go crazy with lip colors but want to have some shiny and nicely shade on lips. 

Do you like bright lipstick? 
Which one is your favorite?