Beach Essentials

Friday, July 22, 2016

I’m going to the seaside next week and I can’t wait. My friends and I are going early in the morning and leaving in the evening. It’s a 2 hour drive so it’s not too bad.  I already started to pack my each bag. As we are going just for a day I needed to minimize the things I’m going to care with me. There is only room for my essentials
. . . . .

For the beach bag I like to have quite a spacious one so that everything can fit in. This one is straw tote bag.  It has cute little fringes with colorful beads. Although I like when the bag has a lot of small pocket in this one having one that’s big and the little one is enough.  You already know how much I love my sandals. They are so amazing for long walks but also for travelling. I can easily slip them off and on. They look cute with everything and are perfect for day and night.

I just can’t imagine relaxing day at beach without a good book or magazine. If I’m going to the beach it means that I’m going to be there almost whole day so I need to have something to keep me entertained. I usually go for a book that is easy to read and I can go through it very quickly. Sometimes the sun can get in the way and annoy me while reading so I need to have my sunglasses. I got these sunglasses last year and I love them so much. Usually I find it quit hard to find the right shape for my head but these ones are just perfect. They look cool and have cute little details on the temples.

It’s super important to take care of your skin in the Summer so I always have sunscreen with me wherever I go. I like to apply it few times a day. When you go in and out of the sea it get washed of your skin so it’s good to put it on again. Some of the other pretty logic essential are beach towel, wallet, phone, head phones and little mirror. 

What are your beach essentials?
Are you going to the beach?