Best Ways To Stay Cool In the Summer

Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer is on its highest and really bringing it on. It can get quite hot here where I live. I need to take care of staying out of the heat and sun when it’s the hottest. That dangerous time is between 10am and 4pm. It’s really important to do everything we can to protect ourselves from heat because it can be harmful for our body. 

Here are my tips to stay cool when it’s the hottest. They are really simple and you all probably already know about them but sometimes it’s easy to forgot so here I am to remind you. 

  • Use Sunscreen ~ Sunscreen is a product that we tend to use only in the Summer and mostly when it’s already late because we are burnt. Even in the shadow UV rays can damage our skin. You need to use at least ¼ teaspoon for face and 1 oz for body. Be sure to replay often.  

  • Drink a lot of water ~ Because of the high temperature you can easily get dehydrated. To prevent that it’s very important to drink a lot of liquid. Especially water. Keep a bottle of water around you so that you don’t forget to drink. You should drink around 2 liters of water per day.

  • Stay in shade ~ Although sun rays are in the shade too they are less harmful. Don’t lay on the beach when it’s boiling hot. Whenever we (my family and I ) go to the sea we find a big tree and lay underneath. That way we have place to hide from the sun after a swim.

  • Eat healthy food ~ Vegetables and fruits are your best friends in the Summer. Most of the fruit contains water so you have another source of hydration. My go to fruit is definitely watermelon. It contains 92% of water and is so refreshing.

  • Slow down ~ You don’t need to go running or exercising in the middle of the day. Choose morning and evening for hard activities. Grab yourself a book a cold beverage and just relax.

I hope that this tips were helpful.  Please take care of yourself. I hate when I get burnt or dehydrated and I'm sure you do to. Have nice and safe Summer! 

How do you stay cool and hydrated?