My Fave Summer Footwear

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

When it comes to Summer and shoes, I like to keep it simple but cute. First thing that I look in the footwear is weather it's comfy. I don't want to walk all day and get blisters. For me it's quit hard to find the shoe that won't rub and irritate my foot.  You can bet that I live all Summer in this three shoes. 

Vans ~ I was and I'm always going to be a sneakers person. I like how casual and comfortable they are. Especially this ones the famous Startasice. They look so cute and are so easy to walk in. They don't give me blisters and I can walk in them all day. I have this ones whit white and blue stripes. They are perfect for that Summer sailor vibe. I really want to get a few more pair with different patterns for Autumn. 

Sandals ~ Although I don't actually like to show my toes Sandals are the only footwear that never give me blisters. I love how easy they are to just slip on. They look very cute. I love to wear them to the beach or pool. I have these brown with white braided straps. They look very girly and sweet but also I have black ones that look more edgy and cool.

Flats ~ I don't know about you but I find  the hardest to buy flats. I just have so much trouble finding the ones that don't rub my heel or toes. I bought so many pairs because I thought that they won't give me blusters and then I walked for the couple hours and my feet was so sore and painful. I almost completely gave up on them until I found this white ones. They are soo comfy and remind me of a slippers. They have laced flowers over them and a little bow. I was so happy when I realized that I finally found the perfect flats. 

I really love all of these shoes. They are my go to for every occasion in the Summer. I know that I can carelessly go anywhere and not have to worry about blisters or painful legs. 

What are your fave Summer footwear? 
Are you a vans, sandals or a flat person?