Remembering 2015!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year !!! 

It's so crazy to even think that it's 2016. As it is the 1st of January 2016 I wanted to have little flash back of 2015. I thought it deserve it. I can say that it was best year ever. Of course there were some bad things going on. I think that they are the part of the life and that we can learn so much from them. 

I want to remember all the good stuff that was going on in my life. And there was quit a lot of them. I thought it would be nice to write them all in one place. I'm sure I'm going to forgot a lot of them too. So here are the ones that definitely marked 2015.  

  • I started to speak up for myself and value who I am.
  • I bucked my driving lessons. It was pretty scary to start but I'm so happy I did it and can't wait to finish it. 
  • I turned 18. I had such an amazing day celebrating it with my friends. 
  • I really worked hard on my blog and content that I'm posting. 
  • I got out of my comfort zone while dancing for school occasion. I actually had so much fun and felt so proud of myself.
  • My family and I get another dog. I love him so much.
  • I really think that this summer was one of my best. I went on my cousin's wedding which was so beautiful and emotional. 
  • I read so much this year which makes me so happy because I absolutely love books. 
  • I surrounded myself with people that actually care about who I am and never wanted to change me. They make my every day so much happier and I honestly don't know what would I do without them. 
  • There is now 130 beautiful people following my little blog. You don't even know how much you and your support mean to me. Thank you so much!! 

Let me know what marked your 2015.