Essence Easy 2Use Eyeliner

Monday, January 18, 2016

Eye makeup is something I want to experiment more with. I usually didn't like any eye makeup. I would only use a little bit of mascara but I thought that it was a time to be more creative with it. I didn't want to use eyeliner for a long time because I thought that there is no way that I can do a ˝perfect˝ wing or even a nice straight line. Then I just tried it and it turned out pretty well. If you are the same as I was here is a review of a eyeliner that could help you with your first attempts

So this is a Essence Easy 2Use Eyeliner. It's nice deep black eyeliner. It's a little bit smaller then one that I used before. I like that because it's easier to hold it. The brush size is very nice. You don't need to worry about smudging. It dries very quickly. Because of the special brush hair it's really easy to apply it.  If you are a beginner with eyeliner then I think this one would be perfect for you. Another positive thing about this eyeliner is that it's not very expensive. I know that I wanted to start with something that I can afford and I knew is a pretty good quality. You can make very precise line with it. It's very easy to do a nice thin line but also a thicker one.  It last a very long time but you can easily remove it with just a little bit of soap.  I honestly like it a lot. I like that I can fast and precise make a line and don't worry about it going anywhere. 

What is your favorite eyeliner?