Body&Soul Wellness

Friday, January 15, 2016

I absolutely love body washing sets. They make every shower moment very relaxing. Especially if they contain products that can help you to calm and enjoy your shower. This set really made me feel like I'm in high quality wellness. 

I'm in love with this Body&Soul Wellness one. Here I have Body lotion and Washing gel. They came together in little pink box. First of all I really like the packaging of these two products. They are cute and very appealing. On the surface is picture of pomegranate. It's nice to know what product contains immediately when you see it. Expect pomegranate they contain cranberry too. The first thing that I did was smelling it. I was absolutely amazed by it. It was like it was summer and I'm on a tropical beach sunbathing. The smell is so fresh, fruity and exotic. 

The Washing Gel is pretty and pink. It gives so many bubbles and feels the room with smell. It's really soft and gentle to your skin. I just didn't won't to leave my shower. It has nice and relaxing effect. After I showered and got dry I applied Body Lotion. Gel is in a lighter shade of pink. I like the pump because it's easier to get it and it's super clean. You want get it everywhere. It's so easy to apply. It didn't leave me sticky or uncomfortable. The absorption is so amazing. It leaves my skin soft and good smelling. I really like this set and it would be amazing gift for somebody who loves summery and fruity scents. 

Let me know of your favorite body washing sets.