My Fave Hair Accessories

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Every girl likes hair accessories. Even if they are a cute little ties or bobby pins. They just make any hairstyle so much cuter. I like my hair but sometimes it has mind of it own and don't want to cooperate. On those kind of days any kind of accessories can make my life so much easier.

There is so many pretty hair accessories out there. From bows to hairbands in any color or shape that you want. Literally anybody can find what they like. I'm a big fan of any accessories that will keep my hair out of my face. But I don't want to have my hair tied in a pony tail or messy bunny all the time. There comes hairbands. They are so easy to work with and look so cute. I like to do different kind of hairstyles with them. If I want something casual I'll just put it normally on my head but if I want something a little bit more dressy and cute I'll do twisted half up hairstyle. 

For the casual hairstyle I like to use this red sparkles hairband which I got from my mom for birthday. Although I like to wear it as a casual option it is very elegant. When I want to do more dressy hairstyle I use this golden flower one. I bought it from ebay. It's perfect for  twisted hairband hairstyle because it's a little bit loose. 

Another hair accessories that I just need to tell you about is this absolutely gorgeous little crown hairpin. I as well got it for my birthday but from my sister. I think that it's so cute. It really makes me feel like a princes. It gives a nice little detail and looks really nice with hair wavy hair.  

What is your fave hair accessories?