Traditional Christmas Cookies

Monday, December 21, 2015

I love to bake. It's something that makes me relaxed and happy. But I must say that baking for Christmas is something special. I like that some cakes we do just on that time of the year. They are reserved just for holiday season. This cookies that I'm going to show you in this post are sign that Christmas is here.

As a little kid I always enjoyed doing this cookies with my mother, brother and sister. My mom would make a dough and we would take all kind of shapes to cut them out. They are so delicious. They are crisp and melt in the mouth. This ones are made with little machine for biscuits, but you can o course use molds. 

To make this cookies you'll need.                              

         1 kg of flour
         1/4 baking powder 
         50 dag of margarine
         50 dag of sugar
         3 eggs
         lemon peel
         1 bag of vanilla sugar 

Mix baking powder and crashed margarine wit flour. Add sugar,  eggs, lemon peel and vanilla sugar. Leave it 30 minutes in fridge. Roll the dough out and use whatever cookie mold you want. Put them on a baking pan. Bake them for 15 on 200 to 220 degree. 
After they are done sprinkle them with powdered sugar. 

And that's it. Now you can see why I love them so much. They are so easy to do. You can get a lot of them and be sure that everybody will love them. I think that it would be a great idea to put them in a little bags and give them as a presents. 

Do you like to bake cookies? Do you have traditional recipe?