Staple Jewelry

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I like cute and simple jewelry. I'm not very keen on big earrings, rings or necklaces. As simpler that better. For me jewelry or any kind of accessories has to have some kind of a meaning. It can remind me of a certain moment or a person that I got it from. Here today I have few accessories that I absolutely love.

I'm going to start with this GO watch. If you are not familiar with this brand it stands for Girls Only. This watch is very dear to me because I got it from my Confirmation godmother. It reminds me about the day of my Confirmation. It's really beautiful. I like little crystal diamonds going around the head of the watch. The strap is white which I find very nice. I think that it can make every outfit a little bit more special.

These are the rings that I already mentioned in few posts. What can I say? I like them a lot. They are so simple but so gorgeous. I wear them on my index finger. I'm into rings that have subtle little crystal or pearl in the middle. Also I like them because they got vintage vibe. The gold part is treated very rustically. I think that it gives a nice touch to whole ring. 

Cute. That is the adverb I have for those earrings. Absolutely adorable. They remind me of earrings I used to wear when I was a little girl. So as you can see they are little pink rose and white ladybug shaped earrings.  Like there is nothing bad you could say about them....I mean you could if you hate everything girly and sweet but please don't. I like how they look on my ear. They are so minimalist but very unique. 

And the last jewelry that I'm in love with is this layered necklace. I wanted it for sooo long. But I never manage to find the one that I like. You can imagine how happy I was when I got it for my birthday from my best friend. It's so gorgeous. It has heart and the infinity sign. The length is just perfect. 

Let me know about your staple jewelry.