Things To Do This Winter

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

As you might already now I like Winter. I find it to be most festive time of the year. There is so much things you can do that you don't have opportunity to do in any other season. If you like you can go outside and do so many fun activities or if you are more of a homebody you have a perfect excuse for staying in warm and baking or watching TV. I'm going to write about things that I would like to do this winter. 

Bake Gingerbread ~ Every year I want to make gingerbread house or gingerbread men but I never do.  I just do my regular cakes and forgot about them. This year I really need to do them because they are so cute. After all it would be a great gift for my family and friends. 

Make Homemade Gifts ~ I'm a big fan of do it yourself projects and crafts. I would rather do something by myself then to just go and buy it. In my opinion homemade gifts are so much more beautiful. You know that person who gave you that present put a lot of effort in it just for you. This year I'm going to do at least one homemade gift for each of my family members and friends. 

Go ice skating ~ This is something I did twice before and it didn't turn out very well. I really want to be better at ice skating. And to be good I need to actually go ice skating and not be afraid of it.   It's fun thing to do on a winter evening with friends and family when everything is white and fairy lights are shining. Although I may fall it doesn't matter I'll get up, right?

Make a snowman ~ I remember how much fun it was to do snowman with my friends and family when I was a little girl. . We would all gather and try to make prettiest snowman ever. One year my mum helped us and I swear that I've never seen better snowman in my life. Last few years it wasn't snowing and if it was it was too wet to do a snowman. I honestly hope that this year is going to be white and that I'll have opportunity to do my own snowman. 

Watch Frozen ~ This will probably be the shock for the most of you but I have never watched Frozen. I know, I know something's wrong with me but I just couldn't. When it first went up in 2013 I was under a pressure because everybody was saying how good it is so I just kept making  excuses to not watch it. But I feel that this is the year.  I really want to watch it with my friends so maybe I'll do a movie night. I'm sure it would be so much fun. 

Do you have any plans for this Winter?