Cute Paper Snowflakes

Sunday, December 13, 2015

I love snowflakes. They are so pretty and unique. As long as I can remember we always made paper snowflakes to decorate our home. I like to hang them or put them on my window. It looks very wintery and cute. 

We usually did basic ones. But then I found these ones on Pinterest. They look so pretty. You can do whatever size or shape you want. There is so many ways of cutting it. I'm going to show you my fave paper snowflake. It's super easy to do and gives nice touch to your home. 

You'll need paper, divider, scissors and pen. I immediately draw a big circle on my A4 paper and cut it out. As I said you can do little circles or big ones. Make sure that you cut it nice and exactly as it's marked. 

Now you need to first fold it in half. Then you need to fold it again. Now cut your upper part so it's straight. Then hold ones more. Pres it so it's nicely folded. Now you need to draw a shape that you want your snowflake to look like. I did this half flower one. You need to cut down part and in the middle of the pattern. 

When you open it you should get this kind of snowflake. I think that it looks so pretty. I'm definitely going to be doing a lot of them. It's an easy and fast way to decorate your home for Winter. If you don't have snow outside why wouldn't you have it inside. 

Do you like to do snowflakes? 
Is it snowing where you live?