Christmas Garland DIY

Saturday, December 19, 2015

I've been really into doing it yourself projects recently. I think that I love them so much because they are the perfect way for me to set free my creativity. But also they make me so relaxed and happy. I like to do all kinds of stuff but I must say that garlands are my favorites things to do. This one is even more special because it's Christmas Garland.

The best part of this garland is that it doesn't just look amazing it smells even better. Especially if you're using rosemary. It's so pinteresty and looks so pretty. It makes you space so much festive and Christmasy. 

To make this super cute garland you'll need pine or rosemary branches, decorative ribbon, yarn or string, scissors and something to decorate. 

I have some fresh pine branches that I picked up from my garden. If you don't have Pine tree around you you can go to a craft store and buy them. Some of them didn't look exactly as I wanted so I formed them as I like. 

I lined them on my decorative ribbon. I didn't want them to be too apart but not too close either. I used thin silver ribbon that looks so pretty with green color of pine. Of course you can put them as you like. I went for medium sized branches. 

To secure them to ribbon I used decorative trip. It's silver and has little glitter on it what I thought would give special glove to pine. I tied it tightly to my ribbon. You can even use some clothespins. I would recommend wooden ones because in my opinion they would look nicer.  You can add some little bows or ribbon as well. 

And that's it. Now you just need to carefully transport your beautiful garland and hang it where ever you want. I put it on a wall in my dinning room. I think that it looks so pretty there. It gives that festive vibe. As my family and I will have Christmas lunch together there I thought that that's  best place to put my little Christmas Garland. 

What do you think about this garland? 
Are you feeling festive?