Warm & Comfy Winter Outfit

Monday, November 30, 2015

I find winter as the time of the year when you can experiment with different colors, fabric and shapes in one look. I love layering. It gives you freedom to play with your pieces and make them different by adding cute little accessories. Today I’m going to show you outfit that I’ve been loving and wearing a lot in colder winter days. 

When I’m picking my outfit, first thing that I look is will I be warm in it. We all know that it can get really chilly. So it’s important to stay warm. As I’m going to bus at 6:40 when temperature can be under 5 degrees I don’t want to wear shire top or skirts. You can’t go wrong with a thick sweater. They are perfect piece of cloth in the winter days. I love this baby pink one. It is knitted and so comfy to wear. I love hot it looks. It’s not super dressy or casual. You can easily dress it up or down.

I like to pair it with my blue jeans. Ok I must confess that I actually took them from my mum. Thank God we can share cloths. I like how they suit my body shape. It’s in dark blue which I think goes beautiful with baby pink shade of sweater.  On my feet I like to wear my boots. I got them last year and I like them. They are also dark blue. I’m actually planning on buying ankle boots. I think that they would go amazing with this combination.

To stay extra warm and comfy I love to wear my red hat. It’s so cute. I like the little pompon on the top of it. It gives pop of color to the outfit. Another thing that I like to wear is big tartan scarf. It’s so soft and pretty. It gives different vibe to whole outfit. When it’s really cold I wear my black gloves with leopard print. Again that little detail as leopard print makes whole outfit unique. Hope you enjoyed my little outfit.

What do you like to wear on a Winter day?