Let Me Introduce You Ms. Tinkerbell

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I must say that Tinkerbell is one of  the most beautiful cats I ever had. She is domestic cat. We got her 2 years ago. Her mother was left near my house and she come to us. My parents didn't want to keep her because we already had 4 or 5 cats. But I really wanted her to stay and I secretly kept feeding her. My parents figure that out and they let her stay. Few months later she gave birth Tinkerbell and her sister that we gave to my grandma. 

We planed to give Tinkerbell away too but she was just soo cute that we just couldn't. As you can see she is like a little tiger...At least I think so. She is brown with black lines. Her hair is so soft and fluffy. I love to cuddle her. If I'm reading outside she will jump on my lap and lie there.   So specific thing that my cats do is biting. Like it's not mean biting it's innocent biting. I just went to calculate Tinkerbell's years and she is 13 human years. She is still a little cat. I love her so much! 
So now you finally met Tinkerbell. Hope you enjoyed this post. 

Do you have cat or any other pet?