What To Do With Buttons

Monday, August 24, 2015

I always had buttons in my drawers and never knew what to do with them. Yesterday I just collected them all and put them on my table. There is something so pleasant in buttons. I really like them. I searched little bit true Pinterest and run into 3 perfect do-it-yourself projects that anybody can do under 10 minutes. It's unbelievable how pretty they are. 

Cute Button Bookmarks 

If you have friends or family member who loves to read then this is the perfect gift for them. Or if you're a real book worm even better. It's so cute, unique and easy to do. Ones you start doing them you won't stop. I made like 5 of them already. I like to personalize them for each book.

What You Need  :                                                  Steps : 
  •      buttons                                                            * Decide which button you want to use.
  •      paper clips                                                      * Put hot glue on a back of the button. 
  •      hot glue                                                           * Pres paper clip on button and wait for it                                                                                        to cool. 

Button Hairpins

You know those boring black hairpins laying in your drawers? Well now is the time to spice them up. By adding buttons you'll turn them in to beautiful accessories. They look so cute and you can be sure that nobody has hairpins like yours. 

  What You Need                                                         Steps:
  • buttons                                                                * Turn buttons face down. 
  • hairpins                                                               * Hot glue them.
  • hot glue                                                                * Press hairpin on the glue. 

Button Thumb Tacks 

I have my board hanging on the wall in front of my desk for some time now. I'm always looking for some cool times to decorate it and make it more fun. I ran into this cute do-it-yourself-project that is absolutely amazing.  It's funnier to pin inspirational photos with this cute thumb tacks. 

What You Need:                                                   Steps:
  • buttons                                                    * Have all of your buttons faced down on a desk.
  • thumb tacks                                            * Hot glue your thumb tacks.
  • hot glue                                                    * Place them on the back of your buttons and                                                                                    leave them to dry.  

What are your thoughts about this do-it-yourself projects?
 Would you like do recreate them?