5 Things To Start Doing Right Now

Friday, August 14, 2015

Today I'm going to write about 5 things we all should start doing or should do more often. All of these things are really obvious but I realized that I forget to do them. I think it's important to pay more attention to them. 

  • Smile ~ Because what's better thing to do, especially in the morning. Start each day with laugh. It's known from ancient times that laugh is the best medicine. It's free and if you "take" it in the morning your whole day will be at least a little bit better. I like to go on Pinterest and find some funny photos or watch silly cats on YouTube. 

  • Relax ~ We can sometimes get caught in busy life. It's important to just take a break and relax. But I don't mean relax on Twitter, Instagram or any other social media. My favorite ways of relaxing are reading a good book, having a walk with my friends or dogs, listening to music. You can do whatever you want but WITHOUT internet. Go offline for just a 1 hour a day and you'll feel amazing. Put your phone on airplane mode. Whatever happen on internet will stay there. You won't miss anything. 

  • Explore ~ I remember that as a little girl I absolutely loved to explore with my brother and cousin. We always looked for new places and corners where we could play. As I got older I stopped doing that. But I determined to start doing it again. It don't even need to be a new city or country. It could be a new coffee shop, pub, park, beach. Wherever you want to go. I can't wait to start driving so I can explore more. 

  • Learn ~ We all seek for more knowledge. Even if you finished school there is so many thing you don't know but could learn with little bit will. You can learn a new language, dish, song. You can learn how to knit, surf, sing or dance. Keep looking for new things. I'm sure there is something you always wanted to learn so why not start right  now. 

  • Save ~ Money. Sometimes we can get caught in a web of spending too much money on stuff we don't necessary need. It's important to respect money but even more respect work. Putting change in a money jar is a good start. I've worked for three years and I know how hard it is to earn money and how fast you can spend it. I'm not against treating yourself once in a wile but in reasonable occasions. 

Which things do you think we should start doing right now?