Simple Little Things

Sunday, January 18, 2015

First week of school is over and I can say that I flew bay very fast. I already started to work a lot because I have two exams next week. But I'm sure that I'll manage to learn everything. This week was pretty good and these are the things that made my week. 

I was so happy when I saw my friends. We was three weeks apart and I missed them so much. We had a really nice chat with cup of coffee. I really couldn't imagine better friends. They are just amazing and crazy. Going back to school is so much easier when I know that I'll hang out with them. 

I'm done with snow. Although I wanted it to snow really bad, now when the holidays are over I can't wait for Spring. Thankfully snow melted and sun came out and I love it.  I hope that it'll stay like this. I can't wait flowers to bloom and to  have a nice walks with Zen.

After I discovered Louisa Wendorff thanks to Jessica from Gingerly Pale I've been obsessed with her covers. Especially of Blank Space//Style and Magic//Adore you . She has such an amazing voice. I hope that she'll do more covers because I love this two better then originals. 

Another song that I've been really loving this week is Enrique Iglesias- Bailando.  I just can't stay still when I hear that song. I immediately start jumping and dancing around the room. 

I started to workout..again. This was my best decision this year. I feel so much better after working out and doing yoga. What's even better I do that in my bedroom with Cassey from Blogilates and Adriene from Yoga With AdrieneI really think I could do this whole year, if nothing else, until the summer.

Which things made you happy this week? 



  1. I will check out Adrienne! Thanks so much for this uplifting post, it was much needed

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    1. She is amazing. Thank You, I'm glad I could help! xo