Cute Animal Images

Friday, January 23, 2015

Oh nothing can put smile on my face so fast as these little beautiful creatures. Other day I caught myself scrolling true these pictures on Pinterest. I think that I did that for probably an our. I just couldn't stop. I want to have every single one of them. Even though of it make me so happy. I love animal so much. That's why I have tree cats and one dog. And believe me if I could I would have much more. 

As I live on a countryside as a little kid I was always surrounded by animals. Farm animals, wild or pets. I was always very protective with them. If my cat would cough I would give here grass that I saw once she ate it so  that she'll be better. I know that some people are afraid of locusts and crickets. But I loved to take them in the hand and then put them at safe. My favorite thing was  watching and trying catch butterflies. I always admired the beauty of their wings.


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