Motivational Monday Quote #43

Monday, January 19, 2015

We need to push our limits. Sometimes it can seem that where we're now is the best that we can be. But we always can and should try to be better. We are only ones that put our limits and only ones that can push them harder. So put them high. Never give up. Maybe sometimes those limits can seem to be too high, but you just need to trust in yourself. There is nothing that could stop you to reach them. And there is no better feeling than that. When your hard work and dedication finally pays off. 

Sometimes we may put our limits too low. We don't want to put them too high so that we don't feel disappointed if we don't reach them. We can't  do that to ourselves. Trust me I did it before. Don't underestimate your abilities. You can reach whatever goal you want. Limits are there to be broken. To never stop being better. To never stop believing in yourself and your goals. Push them as far as you can. 

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