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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Last week of Holidays is over. Now is time to go back in school and start working very hard. Although I'm sad that I won't have privilege to stay up late at night or stay in bed as long as I wish....or till I get hungry, but I'm looking forward to start being organized and to finally see my friends. But this are the things that made me happy last week of freedom.  

As my mum started to work my father, brother, sister and I are in charge of the household. Otherwise mom was doing most of the work. Now we realized how many work is there. But I think that we manage to do everything pretty well. I'm in charge of the kitchen and they are all live after my dishes which is encouraging. :D

I've been really enjoying Olivia Grace's blog What Olivia Did.  She is such an amazing and inspiring lady. Although I known about her blog for quite a while only now I've been a little bit obsessed with it. I recommend you to go and read her last post about Why it's ok to earn money from blogging. It's really great. 

I organized my blog posts for almost whole January...yeah I know it's crazy. I'm so happy and proud about it. Now I can dedicate to school in full and don't worry if I don't have time to write. I'm glad that I can start writing new posts relaxed because I know that I have everything scheduled out. 

I put away all my Christmas decorations and  put up all my cute little decorations.  Now it looks so nice and fresh. I am now completely ready for Spring although it will be winter for a while. 

Your comments on my last posts and your tweets made me so happy. I really like to chat with you guys. And please don't be shy to leave me a comment because it really means a lot to me. Be sure that I will reply it. If you have any kind of questions or you just want to chat you can always find me on Twitter. I mean it. 

Which things made you happy this week? 


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